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The Secrets of Koi Unraveled

The is a must have hard backed book for any Koi enthusiast. - Will make a perfect gift

Koi carp expalined like never before

249 pages

Jos Aben calls his book "The Secrets of Koi Unravelled". Many will say, and are probably also thinking, that there are already so many books about Koi, and the Internet is full of useful information that is readily available at the touch of a button, why write this book? Jos believes that his book can contribute to the knowledge of our hobby. He says, “I am fortunate that I can pursue this hobby professionally, and have done for 20 years or more. During all these years I have seen and learned many things. Things I've noticed have deepened my knowledge and understanding, so I have written them down. Issues such as the importance of fins, tail, shape, head, gills and body, growth potential, quality recognition and development prediction, these are only a few examples. It is these experiences that I want to share with you. I hope that this book is something can contribute to our beautiful hobby and your experiences of it.”

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Jos Aben Book
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