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Dealers Favorites (Large Pack)

You will receive 25 Koi Carp

What does `Dealers Favorites` mean? These are a selection of our favorite varieties, mostly are standard scale, although there is usually some Doitsu and Ginrin Koi included.

All Koi are selected at random and you will usually revive a mixture of varieties. Varieties include: Kohaku, Sanke, Showa, Shiro Utsuri, Hi Utsuri, Asagi, Goshiki, Goromo, Yuki Asagi, Chagoi, Soragoi, Ochiba, Shusui, Yamabuki Ogon,Platinum Ogon, Kujaku, Doitsu Hariwake,Beni Kumonryu, Kumonryu, Kikokuriyu, Beni Kikokuryu, Yamatonishiki, Doitsu Ochiba, New Doitsu Ochiba, Doitsu Sanke, Doitsu Kohaku,

Doitsu Showa.

If you have any preferences to what varieties of Koi you receive, please pop us a note at the checkout and we will try our best to include these for you, we can not guarantee that they will be available.

Koi are breed at Yoshikigoi Koi Farm.

(Picture is an example of the varieties we have) 

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